Android Training

Android is a mobile Operating system based on Linux kernel developed by Google Inc. Even today, there is no other software like Android! It is highly popular and one of the most used worldwide.

Android is now the world's bestselling mobile platform, and its non-restrictive policies and the use of Java as the core application language makes Android an ideal choice for developing internal corporate mobile applications. However, the API is large, complex, and sometimes difficult to get started with.

We gives introduction to developing Android applications. It provides thorough coverage of the the foundational Android topics: installation, setup, XML-based layouts, event-handling strategies, basic widget types, and window layout types. It also gives a fast-moving survey of some of the most important libraries: location-based services, screen rotations, multithreaded applications, network programming, animation, and lots more.

We have Expert and Experience Android Professional with us who are working in Android field last couple of years. Our experience makes you perfect in Android field.

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Android Training

Android course

Introduction of Android

Views And Layout

Activities And Fragments

Database(Insertion, Deletion etc.)

Maps, Geocoding & Location Based Services

Services And Notifications

Accessing android Hardware

Peer to Peer Communication