C# / Microsoft Technology

Pixobots is providing consulting, technology and professional C# development services, an object-oriented programing language. One advantage of relying on C# development is that the applications were designed for practical use, meaning that C# applications helped economize processing power and memory demands.

C# is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm programming language encompassing strong typing, lexically scoped, imperative, declarative, functional, generic, object-oriented (class-based), and component-oriented programming disciplines.

Our end-to-end C# development solutions help you address the challenges and opportunities of your business and realize your potential.

Our productive use of .NET framework and C# has not only helped our numerous clients but also let us become part of a special community.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner we have earned the highest standards of Microsoft's widely-recognized partnership program as a C#/.NET development company.

Such a status means Microsoft has declared we have committed ourselves to evolving Microsoft technologies for the interests of its own needs as well as those of its clients.

The recognition comes from us having demonstrated high levels of achievement and performance as well as provided evidence of our expertise with Microsoft technologies. This partnership gives us access to online technical support, news, updates, and all sorts of useful information from Microsoft.

The technological edge of C# and .NET

Building software components suitable for deployment in distributed environments requires utilization of a general-purpose, object-oriented, and portable programming language.

All these feature in C# – a high-level, relatively simple but durable, and type-safe programming language run by Microsoft.

.NET is a framework for C#. Despite being 20 years old, C# .NET tools are powerful for modern-day development of games, AR applications, IoT, machine learning, and cloud services.

.NET is a solid, free, open-source software development platform capable of speeding up the development process of the C# web and desktop apps.

Why go for C#?

C# is highly expressive, elegant, and type-safe.

Visual Studio (Windows-based), one of the nicest integrated design environments (IDE) in the market.

Great for developing Windows apps (desktop or mobile).

Powerful designing features using Visual Studio.

Good support for distributed system.

C# has got a very efficient system to erase and remove all the garbage present on the system.

Enables the developer to produce secure data centric applications and take the user to the next level of experience.


What We Offer

C# Consulting

Our consulting services aim to assist clients through technological progress business solutions developed on C#.

Enterprise Application Development

Complete technology solutions for large scale enterprises to meet complex business requirements to scale new heights.

C# Application Development

We use C# language to build a variety of secure and robust applications that run in the .NET ecosystem.

C# Integration Services

We offer extensive experience in integrating databases using various APIs for high performance websites offering seamless experience.

C# Support and Maintenance

Complete support and maintenance services to ensure the seamless performance, troubleshooting, upgrade and fixing bugs.

C# Migration

Our Microsoft C# technology developers provide migration process and deploy C# to modernize legacy applications.

C# Windows Development

We started our C# journey from desktop applications. Now, we can leverage Windows Forums, Windows Presentation Foundation, and Universal Windows Platform to produce impressive standalone and intranet applications.

C# Mobile Development

Our expertise in cross-platform and hybrid mobile app development using Xamarin-like frameworks is known in the industry. Our C# developers have designed feature-rich, functional, and native-like experience-giving apps for leading brands across the world.

C# Server-Side Software Development

Server-side software development involves any software that runs on the server with high stability and survivability. Our exceptional developers possess good knowledge and experience to develop high-load server-side software solutions using C# technologies.

C# Web Development

Using Visual Studio and ASP.NET framework, our C# developers provide websites, web applications, ecommerce sites, data-driven sites, and dynamic SPAs. Our experience with C# code enables us to deliver feature-rich and functional websites with high performance and good returns.

C# SaaS Development

Software as a Service (SaaS) apps is a great way to drastically cut down your costs and boost productivity. Our professional C# team possesses years of experience to create compelling and well structured SaaS backend.

What's good about C# .NET

C# is a simple modern programming language that offers endless development opportunities. It’s simple and efficient, requires no complicated code stacks, and is widely reuseable. .NET Framework Class Library exposes all the functionality of the framework available to our developers.

Strong base

C# runs on the CLR (Common Language Runtime), making it easily integratable with components written in other CLR-compatible languages and a lot of Microsoft's proprietary tools and technologies. The .NET framework is standardized, which means it can run on other platforms including Linux based on Mono.


In case of rapid application development, we perform through the Official Microsoft ASP .NET Site MVC and HTML5 technologies. C#’s rich class library enables us to implement multiple functions easily and fast.


C# and .NET are more than capable of building large, mission-critical software and desktop/web applications. A lot of enterprise solutions are based on it, including such a giant as Stackoverflow and others.

Layer approach

Microsoft stack allows us to build modern N-tier data applications separated into multiple tiers, usually into a presentation tier, middle tier, and data tier


C# is an elegant and type-safe object-oriented language that enables developers to build a variety of secure and robust applications that run on the .NET Framework.


Our .NET solutions are highly scalable. Any additional load only requires extra resources rather than the extensive modification of the application itself.

Why Choose Us For C# Development?

We offer a vast pool of professional C# developers to choose and hire. We even offer you to conduct interviews to choose from the best and replace them at any time depending upon your project for their skills in programming, designing, deployment and maintenance.


Our teams of highly experienced C# programmers ensure smooth project completion on time along with great features and clean coding.


We’ve got hands-on experience working with almost every industry for application and software development that allows us to deliver projects faster and with leaner learning curve.


Our technical support by best technicians and software professionals is second to none along with our responsive maintenance team that execute request with precision.


We have a convenient engagement model that allows you to choose between flexi-hours, fixed-cost or dedicated team at any stage of project to suit your business requirement.