Grand Node

Open-source e-commerce platform

Meet the flexible, the most versatile open-source e-commerce platform on the market. Use Grand Node and its ready-to-use integrations to sell everywhere with a single platform. Grand Node guarantees functionalities for now and for the future.

We ensure both, the base needs of each e-commerce, and future features needed for expansion.

Grand Node is one platform that suits various business models.

It can successfully empower traditional B2C & B2B stores, helping local brands expand globally

Versatile, flexible and scalable e-commerce platform

Grand Node is one of a kind open-source e-commerce platform. Thanks to most advanced ASP.NET Core framework and out of the box set of features it makes a perfect fit for multiple e-business models.


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B2C & B2B

Easily manage your inventory, create a personalized customer experience with ease. Group your customers, limit your product catalog to particular groups, and create independent pricing for them.


Integrate all channels of sale, like Amazon, eBay. Then sync the stock inventory between channels to avoid over-sale, which may cause massive delays in order fulfillment.


Versatile e-commerce platform to help you in the global expansion. Use multi-store features to create stores designed for specified countries. Create localized content and product catalog to offer a fully personalized and localized experience.


Build an auction site and start to capture bids. Allow users to sell their products or government organizations to invite bids for contracts and tenders. You can also use Grand Node for collecting charity and donations.


The easiest way to showcase accommodations to your potential guests or services to your potential customers. Generate availability calendar and increase sales with the online reservation system.


Create a database of video online courses with paid access. Create a versatile store with digital products like videos, audio files, games, or ebooks. Attract customers with free sample files available to get before final purchase.

Grand Node Benefits

Grand Node is the most advanced and the best open-source e-commerce platform out there, built on the newest version of .NET Core and MongoDB. It's the most advanced ASP.NET e-commerce available to get for free.

Product Catalog

Grand Node has brought freshness to the e-commerce market. You are no longer limited to typical and simple product types. Without the need to use any third-party plugins or extensions, you have access to a couple of product types – standard Simple and Grouped products, but also Auction products, which allow you to create limited-time auctions and Reservation products, which allow you to put apartments for rent. You can also offer multiple products at once with the Bundle product type.

Permissions Management

Customizing your store has never been so easy. Permission management allows you to divide your customers into different groups. Each group is called a Customer role. In a nutshell, in Grand Node, you are able to give different permissions to each role. It's a perfect way to hide prices for guest users or limit the offer to certain groups of customers. It can be easily combined with Marketing Automation features of Grand Node.

Discount System

Advanced discount management is a requirement of every bigger e-commerce. Grand Node allows you to create many different types of discounts. Assign a discount to the store, product or order totals. What is more, discounts can be calculated by a plugin, or can be limited by plugins with predefined requirements. It's not a problem to create limited time discounts or a discount with single usage.

CMS Features

Modern e-commerce platform is not only an online store. Grand Node e-commerce features have been improved by content management system features. It's no longer an online store. You will be able to extend the functionality of your store and bring the FAQ, glossary, blog, news section to your store. Furthermore, Grand Node has the possibility to create a e-learning platform out of the box. Attach courses and lessons to independent products and offer them as a paid content.

Mailing Campaigns

Create campaigns for all of your customers! Choose specific receivers according to predefined conditions. It is the first condition-based e-mail campaign feature found in e-commerce platforms. Create well-designed e-mail templates with TinyMCE editor and DotLiquid templating. Create content based on “if” statements and “for” loops in the content of the message.

Marketing Automation

Create customized pop-ups or e-mail messages directly from your admin panel. You don't need external tools to handle reminders about abandoned carts or unpaid orders notifications. Assign a customer to a specified group of customers after their purchase, login or after they visit a specified URL!

Advanced Integrations

To meet even the requirements of our most demanding clients, we have prepared an extended marketplace of integrations, which are ready to use. Only a few mouse clicks are required to integrate your store with Amazon, eBay or to be able to offer an unlimited amount of payment methods. Browse through our plugins marketplace and change the design of your store with premium Grand Node themes.

Push Notifications

Firebase push notifications can boost the marketing ability of any e-commerce. Create a Firebase application on your Google Developers account and paste the credentials to a suitable configuration page. With just a few clicks you will be able to implement a fully working push notifications system.

Customers Management

Customers management is one of the most crucial parts of each store. Assign customers to different customer groups, customize the “required address” or “customer” fields. Place orders for your customers with the impersonate sessions. Personalize offers for your customers with “Personalized Products” and “Individual Product Prices”

B2B Features

B2B platforms always require additional customization or personalization. Grand Node stands out of the crowd and with just a few standard functionalities, it can be a fully working and personalized B2B system. Documents will give you the opportunity to attach custom invoices, sales docs or purchase orders directly to the products, customers, or manufacturers. Each document can specify an amount of money, which needs to be paid, so you can easily use it for b2b installments.

Multi Vendor

Multi-vendor or multi-seller, you can name it as you want! Create a new, powerful Aliexpress or Wish marketplace! Sell products coming from your sellers/vendors. Give your customers the possibility to apply for a seller account. Each vendor can be independently reviewed, as your customers can easily leave feedback about your sellers.

Multi Tenant

Staff users are the store managers. Each store can be managed independently, even if it's a single Grand Node installation. Combine it with Advanced Multi-tenant plugin and create automatic multi-tenant business with the “apply for a store manager account” form.

Premium Support

professional and swift migration from one platform to another. Premium support subscription is the perfect choice for developers with tight deadlines and projects of the highest priority.

Outstanding support

96% of our customers positively reviewed support services we provide and will recommend our consultants to their customers in the future. Our staff have cut their teeth on Grand Node so you can be sure that our services are irreplaceable.

Easy migration

Complete migration, preceded by the detailed analysis of any kind of e-commerce platform. Contact us and get the details about our premium migration tools. Migrate your database of products, customers, or orders and continue your journey with us

Custom development

Custom code delivered by internal Grand Node developers guarantee the highest code quality and solutions that will be up to the challenge. You can rely on us even with the most advanced customization and projects